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Clinical Reflexology, Kinesiology and Life Coaching in Elloughton, East Riding

MISSION STATEMENT "Wellness Zone is firmly placed in the direct progression in holistic health and wellbeing. You can expect full commitment in finding your key areas of imbalance and working with you to bring about wellbeing in every area."

It is no small accolade that Sally Cocker is known for moving people on in their wellbeing, with the art of Clinical Reflexology, ground breaking Kinesiology and the progressive techniques of Life Coaching. She has been inspiring clients to facilitate a new healthier, happier experience of themselves by always striving to help them achieve a healing balance in their lives.

Each client is unique, with individual health concerns and objectives. Emphasis is always on treating the body as a whole. A physical, emotional and healing approach is utilised for an integrative approach to every treatment. Sally inspires trust and confidence, developing committed relationships with all clients on their path to better health and wellness. You will never look back. Sally is trained in the original Ingham Method of Reflexology, offers Kinesiology and holds a level five life coaching qualification. Treatments combine a deeply rejuvenating and restorative experience with a thorough and insightful analysis of all aspects of your wellbeing.

Nothing can prepare you for how tranquil these treatments are. From your arrival you are welcomed into a beautifully calm and tranquil room with a luxury leather, electric adjustable treatment bed. As you sit onto the bed you are adjusted to your most comfortable position which can be sitting up or laying flat with a soft knee support to ensure support to your lower back. The choice is all yours.

You have a choice of laying onto a cool bottom cover with a light muslim cover on the top. Or you can be taken to the ultimate place of comfort with a lightly heated under blanket and a snuggly soft over blanket with a heated luxury blanket over the top. There are many heat settings so you choose your perfect temperature. You may be fully clothed or you can choose to put on a soft wrap and just melt back into your cocoon of comfort.

The treatment then starts by wiping over your feet with a warm soft mitt infused with lemongrass. One of your feet is then gently massaged and then warm stones are then placed on your foot and it is wrapped in a warm towel. The treatment is then started using warmed Basalt Hot Stones which originate in the mountains and are river rocks. This is a beautiful experience using the warmth of the stone to relax the foot but using very gently pressure to ensure a soft sensation with precise applied pressure to vital reflex points on your feet.

If you want to lay back and rest then you may lay back with or without a lavender eye cooler and a warmed neck wheat bag. Or if you would like to sit up and catch up on emails etc or just have a chat about life then the choice is entirely yours. Wellness Zone is here to provide you with your ideal treatment and it will leave you feeling like you never want to leave.

** Special methods are used when touching the feet so sensitivity will not be an issue to clients**

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